Photography : She Said Yes
Lifetime Comfort
Isaiah & Monica Prewedding by Kris
Oct 2022

Your presence itself brings an everlasting comfort.


Oftentimes we hear the quote, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”
But what if that comfort zone is there to stay, to encourage, and be your lifetime partner?


In my personal opinion, one of the highest levels of love is not the crazy butterflies in the tummy or pounding heart anymore–it’s comfort. Like, when you can stay in silence for a few moments, just to breathe and be there without any word, but not a single awkwardness occurs. Instead, you feel at peace and so composed as if you can do anything and be ready for any challenge, as long as you have one another.


That is, speaking of Isaiah and Monica.


I loved the way time flew by so fast in our session, as the two were so comfortable with one another. From natural gestures to gentle whispers and playful banters, it made me realize that maybe home is sometimes not a place, but a person.


It’s such a privilege to find a soulmate that feels like a safe haven, where we can be who we are and not questioned every now and then. An embrace to cherish, a hand to hold, an evergreen comfort to share.


Once again, congratulations Isaiah and Monica! Thanks for choosing Axioo as a part of your exciting journey ahead.


Here’s to a lifetime of love and comfort.



Emanuel Kris


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