Photography : She Said Yes
The Beauty of Unseen Beginnings
Rizky & Mahalini Bali Prewedding by Kris
May 2024

Love has a way of sparking in the most unexpected moments, often beginning with the simplest gestures. It could even start with a simple direct message. Little did they know, this message would mark the beginning of something truly special.


Imagine admiring someone, appreciating her passion and hard work, and deciding to take a chance by reaching out – that’s what Rizky did. Although she was initially uninterested, Rizky’s persistence and genuine care eventually won her over. They finally broke down their barriers and transformed what could have been a fleeting interaction into a meaningful relationship.


Four years later, Rizky & Mahalini held the Mepamit Ceremony and Dharma Suaka ahead of their wedding. Mepamit is a traditional Balinese ceremony in which the bride bids farewell to her ancestors as she prepares to marry and join the groom’s family. It marks the beginning of their sacred journey of marriage in Balinese tradition.


Life is full of beautiful surprises that come when you least expect them. What seemed so difficult for anyone, their love actually conquered it all.


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