Photography : Portraiture
Ride High
Margenie x Bennih Portraiture by Fen
Mar 2024

“Starting with multiple falls and trauma, never winning any competition, and doubting each other, to now, a level of complete trust in each other. It’s not about placements or victory; it’s about the journey! I have a long way to go in my equestrian life, but at least now we are headed in a positive direction!” — Margenie.


When I got to know Margenie and witnessed her passion for equestrianism growing, I realized there was much I could learn from her.


First, The Power of Passion.

When you find something you truly love, you pour your heart and soul into it, just like what Margenie does. Loving horses isn’t just about riding them; it’s about taking care of them, grooming them, and spending time with them. It’s a commitment that requires patience, dedication, and hard work.


Courage and Perseverance.

Riding isn’t always smooth sailing; there are bumps in the road, literally and figuratively. Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. But she doesn’t give up when things get tough. She keeps going, keeps learning, keeps growing.


No matter what we’re passionate about, sticking with it and pushing through the rough patches can lead to some incredible adventures. All you have to do is embrace the challenges, stay determined, and trust in the journey ahead.





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