Photography : She Said Yes
One Secret Ingredient
Enrico & Monica Bali Prewedding by Tonny
Jun 2024

When we think about the perfect relationship, images of expensive gifts, roses, diamonds, and pearls might come to mind. These tokens of affection are lovely, but they aren’t the glue that holds a relationship together. The true secret ingredient is “Chemistry”.


Chemistry is what makes two people click, just exactly what we saw in Enrico & Monica. It’s the laughter over inside jokes, the comfort in each other’s silence, and the warmth in their shared glances. It’s what makes a couple stick together through thick and thin, far more than any material gift ever could.


When Enrico and Monica had their pre-wedding session, we chose a quiet beach, boarded a small boat, and tried our hand at fishing. We used minimal props. Yet, what shone the most were their smiles, the candid moments, and the beauty of their surroundings. It was a perfect reflection of their relationship – simple, genuine, and filled with joy.


In the end, roses will wither, diamonds might lose their shine, but the chemistry between Enrico & Monica will keep their love alive. Because beyond all the luxuries, it’s the connection between two hearts that truly matters.


So, while grand gestures are wonderful, never underestimate the power of simple, genuine chemistry in making a relationship last a lifetime.






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