Photography : Tying The Knot
Love grows over Cherry Wine
Walton & Emily Engagement - Wedding by Tonny
Mar 2022

“The world spins slower when we dance the night away, take our time and get to know each other over the cherry wine. The smile on your face made me lose track of time when we’re not looking for anyone and don’t need to do anything more, the love just grows.” If I could describe their moment in a word.


The most beautiful thing that I have ever encountered, an intimate celebration, just like a beautiful crown of a dream wedding. It was a very personal celebration for Emily & Warlton, with their closest families and relatives which bring whole happiness to the celebration. A party full of joy, ingenuous vibes, less crowd, more wild, full of heartfelt memories, and all-out while witnessing the groom and bride luxuriate the world just for them! Just like your favorite romantic scene in your favorite movie.


Creating their craziest dream into a magical wedding celebration with their closest friends and relatives, from the engagement to the wedding party. The intimacy allows for more raw beautiful emotions.Full of people who matter the most, embracing the party with quality time with each other. It was an extraordinary experience.


Endless surprises from the decorative ornaments, outstanding blowout for the dinner, everybody just dancing along to the wonderful time. Unforgettable moments captured beautifully, just like it should be. Music, dance, and good times all through the night. 


“Keep me forward all through the night. And once we start, the meter clicks and it goes running all through the night. Until it ends, there is no end, just beautiful times allowed.” My wish over the glass of wine, endless growth in love for Emily and Warlton.



Love, Tonny

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