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A Home for an Everlasting Love
Vincent & Jessica Prewedding and Wedding by Joe
Feb 2022

Have you ever felt the heartfelt feelings when someone said “Right person at the right time?” It just sounds so perfect and miraculous. When people also said,“Love is a blessing.” It feels so indescribable and incredible, every moment full of joy by living the blessings.


Times when you feel like this person is your sunshine, times when you couldn’t imagine how life is without. The moment when you stop on a cliff, overlooking the thin layers of clouds shouting the hilltops.Or maybe you just stop and are mesmerized by the cotton candy skies as the sunset comes down. The butterflies in your stomach that you always feel when you are around, it’s absolutely marvelous .


The impression I had when shooting celebrities is rather carefully structured and effortlessly staged. To my surprise, Jessica Iskandar and Vincent Verhaag are naturally relaxed. Shooting for them just shows how wonderful love is as a blessing. What a lovely photoshoot we had that day.


When genuine love comes at the right time, it brings an unforgettable surprise. A lovely impression when you understand each other starts by simply being present. No second-guessing any words, any questions. The honesty expressed from love is what makes a home for each other. 


When the only place you can really love a person is in the present. Love in the past is a memory. Love in the future is a fantasy. To be truly alive, or any other experience, it must take place in the present moment. However, so to speak, an everlasting love is just always as exciting as it always is.


When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bring you home, a comfort full of blessings.



Love, Joe

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