Photography : She Said Yes
Adventure of a Lifetime
Agung & Selina Prewedding by Will
Jan 2024

Sitting at the top of my travel bucket list, Yosemite National Park had always been a dream destination. And guess what? Last month, I finally checked off the list, and man, it was epic! But here’s the best part: none of this would’ve happened if Agung and Selina didn’t say “Yes!”. That was all the green light I needed. From Bali to San Francisco, Dimar Brata and I were on that plane, bursting with excitement like a couple of kids in a candy store. 


Yosemite blew my mind. I mean, massive cliffs, grasslands, waterfalls doing their thing, and me feeling like I stepped into a postcard. It was all kinds of awesome! And the fun didn’t stop there. We explored iconic landmarks such the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge. Oh, and let’s not forget the Filoli Garden – it was like stepping into a secret garden somewhere in the suburbs. Victorian houses and the charm of Point Reyes also added that extra sprinkle of magic to our trip.


Agung and Selina’s “yes” opened up a world of adventure for me. So, where’s your “Yosemite”? Start dreaming, and who knows, you might find yourself on an adventure of a lifetime!


Cheers to many more adventures,

William Lie


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