Bridestory Fair 2023
Jul 2023

Get ready to sway to the rhythm of your heart as love fills the air and jazz songs swing. This year we decided to go a jazzier route for the Bridestory Fair. Transport yourself back in time to an era filled with soulful melodies and timeless memories!


After capturing & styling couples for decades, you would think we have seen it all. But, what makes weddings so fun though, is that there are still countless new concepts waiting to be told. “Your wedding, your way” and that’s why this time we also do it our way — goodbye floral, hello vinyl. 


Wedding fairs are always a delight for couples preparing to tie the knot. The fusion of retro aesthetics, warm tones, and romantic ambiance provided the perfect atmosphere to share wedding dreams and envision future together. Fen’s keen eye for detail ensured that every element, from the classic props to the lighting, captured the theme flawlessly and left a lasting impression.


For in the world of jazz, love and notes are poignant reminders of life’s simple, yet profound, beauty. 




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Let’s raise a toast to past and future memorable experiences!