Treasured Moments: Celebrating Loved Ones
Jun 2023

In a fast-paced world, we get caught up in the demands of our daily routines, the pursuit of our dreams, and the complexities of our own emotions. In doing so, we may unintentionally take our parents for granted. Their love is constant, their wisdom often unspoken but ever present, they keep us safe in times of uncertainty. 


And there’s one figure who often stands in the shadows, quietly supporting, carrying burdens in silence, seeking to create a better life for their loved ones — that’s your father.


When strength is often praised, we overlook the vulnerability that lies within each and every one of us. Being a father is not easy. It is time for us to pause and reflect on how well we know our fathers. May this be a reminder to celebrate the moments we have together, for time is fleeting, and our parents are a treasure to be cherished. 


To all the fathers out there, know that your struggles do not go unnoticed. Your presence truly matters deeply. Happy International Father’s Day!





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