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Lost in Translation, but Found in Love
William & Grace Prewedding by Joe
Nov 2023

As a photographer, I’m fortunate to witness countless stories of love unfold through my lens, but William and Grace’s was something truly exceptional. We started our adventure in Seoul, and from the very beginning, we were “lost” in the most endearing way possible. Though we may be lost in translation, unfamiliar with Korean words, it led us to discover something truly priceless in return.


The trip was a treasure trove of heartwarming moments that seemed straight out of a K-drama. The couple’s smiles in every frame made it nearly impossible to find a face without a grin. It’s in their candid moments and carefree laughter that they found their unique way of understanding each other, leaving a lasting impression on my heart & my photographs.


What they taught me was invaluable. Having the right partner isn’t just about compatibility; it’s about finding someone with whom you don’t get “lost in translation”; instead, you gain a deeper understanding of one another.


Smitten gazes, genuine smiles, tender hugs, held hands, and stolen kisses tell a story that goes beyond words. Lost in translation, we discovered a language more profound, a language of our own — the language of love.


Cheers to Memories,


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