Photography : Family
Forever Found
by Joe
Dec 2022


We all chase something in life. It can come in various forms and changes from time to time. It can be education, a status, a rank, a measure of wealth, a standard of health, and other elusive things in life. But one thing that perhaps all are always trying to find is that special someone. A forever person. 


In the quest, criterias may come and go. It’s different from one individual to another, but the goal is universal : In finding them, we will finally find ourselves. It’s someone who we share our heart and home with, a partner to raise a future generation, and a companion for a lifetime. 


In the flow of what life brings and as paths cross, we all should be lucky to find him or her. We may feel defeated when no one turns up, or we may even be fearful when they finally show up. Truly, finding forever is no trivial task – a rather complicated one at that. 


But sometimes in the middle of it all, forever can come knocking and happen so effortlessly. They appear and everything makes sense. They speak your same language, motivate you to be the better version from time to time, and enable you to live the best kind of life. Your forever person may be hard to find, but when you find it and you shall, it simply makes it all worthwhile. 


Our clients here prove all of that, with no words needed to be spoken. Their forever is shown through their goofy personas, matching characters, the energy levels and even to the cheerful spirit the whole big family embodies. 


The hair may be gray, but the same passion still stays. It’s what happens when you’re done finding forever, and forever is finally found. 




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