Photography : She Said Yes
The Day I Fall in Love
Chris & Teeng Prewedding by Will
Jul 2022

Like how a warm afternoon breeze of the Mediterranean sea wraps and embraces loving Greece, do you remember how it feels to fall in love?


The smile that made you happy, the eyes that you adore, the precious soul that you cherish, and the happiness that you wish for the best. It all comes so subtly and gently, warmly reaching its way into your heart.


Never have you ever expected to feel such tenderness and fondness from someone; The joy that you get, to share the journey of your life with the one you love. It’s truly magical to realize that you would not trade the chance of living every single day with them for anything else. Or, even, it might have been the only thing in your mind ever since you met them.


She has her own special way of turning around my terrible day. She makes all the bad things seem to disappear, the second she says hello.


He has his own special way of making me feel safe. He makes my heart peaceful, knowing that he will always be there for me, the second he says I love you.


The day I fall in love, a symphony is written in my heart. The sky is clear, the wind blows softly, the morning sea shimmers like a thousand falling stars, and my heart is full.





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