Photography : She Said Yes
A Soulful Rendezvous
Winter & Clairine Prewedding by Tonny
Jul 2022

After years of working in the wedding industry, I’ve heard countless romantic quotes. From the silly ones to the deep lines that made me shiver and all-teary.


One that pretty much hit me was, “You’re my favorite hello and hardest goodbye.” It sounded edgy and cliché at first but deep inside, I think it’s how every couple feels for each other. The longing feels that surge as soon as we say good night or see you again, and the giddy feeling when our loved one texts “I’m here, come outside.”


That is how Winter and Clarine feel.


As they took step by step in the session, the back of their hands constantly grazed and rarely let go of one another. Upon locking eyes, they would be drowned in one another. Soon after, the beautiful couple would have a round of playful snickers and teasing. It’s the tiny gestures and intimate exchanges that would make anyone be so sure that Winter and Clarine are, indeed, soulmates.


Through barefoot on the sand and uphill twirls and dances, to magical sunrises and enchanting sunsets, I’d like to salute them both for their soulful rendezvous and more chapters to come.



Cheers, Winter and Clarine!


Love, Tonny

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