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The Woman in the Mirror
Portraits of Andrea Gunawan (@catwomanizer) by Fen
Aug 2019

We are all visionaries, we are all dreamers.

We all see flaws in this world that we wish would soon be fixed,

by our own hands or at least by those who can.

Most of us are dreamers, but not all of us are do-ers,

most of the time simply because we do not know how or where to start.

Women of the 21st century are specifically called to break stereotypes — but that is certainly not an easy task. There is an ideal world for women, and we think that the current world we are standing on isn’t yet ideal, but it is slowly getting there. And to get there, we have to continue to break the stereotypes that block our path.

Breaking stereotypes require bravery, unity, but most importantly, a whole lot of self-awareness.

We need self-awareness because, if you’re one of those dreamers who do not know how or where to start, this is the answer for you: start with yourself. Just like the King of Pop once said, if you want to make the world a better place, start with the man (or woman) in the mirror.

There are many women out there who are lost, who find themselves scrambling through piles of labels and stereotypes that the world attach to them, trying to find who they really are. Women face many restrictions, obstacles, and rules that try to dictate who we should or should not be. Many “scientific” discoveries. Many social constructs or absence of rights. Many myths and misconceptions that aren’t even proven to be true. Many stereotypes that were invented in the olden days have stuck with women up to this day. And because these labels have been around for ages, they are actually irrelevant.

Once we start believing that these stereotypes are irrelevant, we start putting on our True Character. We start discovering who we truly are and what we are passionate about. We start gaining strength and start running towards that which excites us. And, along the way, we start helping other women who struggle to find their identity.

Women aren’t trying to rule the world,

they’re striving to make the world a better home

for everyone.

To do that, we have to listen carefully to what our hearts are saying. We have to be brave enough to step out of the door wearing our True Character.

To know what your passion and calling is in this life, you first have to find and be yourself.




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