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The Simplicity of Happiness
Pet Portraiture by Fen
Aug 2023

I believe happiness often hides within life’s simplest moments. Back amid a pandemic when the world around us is unpredictable, such an experience redefines how you look at life. Some people search tirelessly for happiness, yet its roots might lie in the everyday, overlooked.


Life throws challenges at us all, but for me, dogs are one of my sources of happiness. I have the best dogs in the world, and so do you. Every dog is the best dog in the world.


It struck me that dogs teach us valuable lessons. Have you ever considered this: Dogs find happiness in the simplest of things, such as walks, snacks, sticking heads out of car windows, being told that they are ‘good’ ? these fill their hearts. The revelation was clear. Dogs exemplify the art of finding joy in simplicity, reminding us to live in the moment, appreciate life’s everyday wonders, and prioritize the things that truly make us happy. 


Moreover, the true beauty of happiness goes beyond simply personal pleasure, but also in the act of sharing it with those who are fortunate enough to cross paths.


So, have you found & shared happiness today?




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