Photography : She Said Yes
Absolute Chemistry
Adsel & Jennifer Prewedding by Tonny
Sep 2022


Human feelings are one of the most absurd, complex, yet beautiful parts of one’s life. Have you ever heard the saying of ‘trust your gut’? It holds an understanding of trusting these abstract complexions of intuition and deciding to stay true by going with your instinct.


It is the bond between Adsel and Jennifer that makes us believe to trust the gut.


The lovebirds are two unique and distinctive souls that somehow attract one another. Being a calm and composed one, Adsel manages to compliment Jennifer’s solid personality. Long story short, every moment with one another feel so special. and here we are today; preparing for the big day.


Working with Adsel and Jennifer has been an exciting journey. Both are detailed and known exactly what they want-an elegant, flowery, yet glam ambience. Victorian-inspired dress, and all over dreamy garden concepts. A modern-classic celebration to be expected, indeed.


I am forever honored and thankful for Adsel and Jennifer, for trusting their gut and believing in Axioo as their main vendor from the dawn of the preparation. Looking forward to witnessing and capturing the special day!







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