Photography : She Said Yes
Vast Horizon and Beyond
Evan & Selvy Prewedding by Kris
Sep 2022


Choosing the location for an engagement photoshoot is one of the most exciting steps of wedding preparation. Aside from being able to visit some lovely places with their soon-to-be forever plus one, they also get to express their authentic and unique traits as soulmates.


There were couples who wanted everything stress-free and practical, so we went for a sleek and simple studio session. The adventurous ones would bring us to a full-scale continental exploration. Those who favor classics and grandeur architecture are also sweet treats for my excitement. All couples had different vibes and stories, but there was a certain thing in common; strong chemistry and intimacy.


Evan and Selvy chose to waltz amidst the vast horizon of Sumba. Aside from their obvious adoration for one another, there was also a sense of comfort and warmth in every gesture they made. Every soft kiss, back hug, and playful dance were natural yet so picturesque. Every motion was so intimate yet comfortable. Every touch was like reciting, “Yes, you’re my person”.


I was grateful to be a part of Evan and Selvy’s journey to becoming one in marriage. May the path ahead be filled with a bunch of happiness and pretty sunsets!





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