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Introducing Kris
Prewedding & Wedding Photos by Kris
Feb 2022

Meet Kris. A modern expressionist. A distinguished talent that has been rockin’ and rollin’ for so many years. And how proud we are to now call him a fresh addition to AXIOO Bali lead photographer row.


Regardless of the last peculiar 2 years, his works are only becoming stronger and more relevant. His personality is only becoming warmer and friendlier. As nothing stops him from sharpening his magic: turning simple moments into a timeless work of art. 


“Every couple has their unique way to express intimacy. It’s often the photographer’s challenge to understand his client’s love language in a very short period of time. That’s a challenge I enjoy digging. It’s really satisfying for me when I manage to find my couple’s spark and capture it for them, especially without them realising it,” said Kris.


Kris loves being in the wedding photography industry, as it allows him to witness and preserve many emotions of happiness. He loves the fast paced rhythm of wedding vibe, as well as the quieter and more relaxing pre-wedding dawn and dusk.


“Capturing a couple’s most joyous day is precious,” said Kris again. But hey, who could argue with that?


Sneak a peek on Kris’ array of artworks below. Drop him a hello. He’ll be happy to throw back a smile. Consider him to capture your big moments. You’ll be happy to make that decision.





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