Time Capsule
Nov 2022


The debate about which wedding photography service to use is an endless one. It also does not help that couples are spoiled for choices these days. One is better than the next, leaving you with a conundrum of too much of a good thing.


Having been in the industry for over 20 years, it’s truly a blessing for Axioo to have found our signature style early on. The calling of artistry that’s classic, simple, and timeless to capture beyond-words moments has fully been materialized into a wealth of portfolios we’re proud and humbled to call our own.


But along with this knowledge, it also makes us realize one thing. And that is how we strive to deliver further for couples who have honored us with their trust. That’s where our unique & memorable packaging comes in with different options to choose from.


From Signature boxes, Memory Boxes to Book Collections and more, we want couples to have special keepsakes of their own taste. Working with premium vendors, we’ve been able to let you explore with designs, sizes, shapes, ingredients, textures and you name it.


There’s a whole world of possibilities for couples when it comes to their photo albums, and it’s our goal to keep each love story as special as personal. Because the way we see it, some of the photos may get printed and displayed – but there are dozens of good ones waiting to be enjoyed for years to come.


More than just a keepsake, an album, or a photo collection, think of it as your own time capsule. It’s holding a treasure waiting to be opened, cherished, and relived forever more.


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