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The Making of Meaningful Memories
Prewedding & Wedding Photos by Joe
Jan 2021

The most beautiful stories don’t happen in solitude; They aren’t one-man-shows. The best stories are written when precious moments are shared between people who whole-heartedly love each other. In those joyful moments, people would say that they wish they had the ability to ‘freeze’ time… but that’s when they forget the wonderful art of photography.


Meet Joe. Joe is a brilliant photographer, but more than that, he is a seeker of a good story. Through the lenses of his camera and his love for the visual arts, he captures even the littlest moments in the biggest event of a person’s life – a.k.a. their wedding day – because Joe believes in the power of human connection.


Once upon a time, I was a lover of all things pleasing to the eyes: visuals, design, video, you name it. But, eventually, I chose photography. To me, photos are the most meaningful of all. They are preserved stories, frozen moments, proofs of memories that were once lived. Once in a while, I would flip through photos from my childhood, and be reminded of how important it is to have a visual collection of memories, of the wonder that it does to melt our hearts, the strength that the past gives us to move forward in our present lives and create more meaningful moments in the future.


Most of all, I am drawn to the magical ties of family and love – Moments in a wedding when the bride and groom are daughters and sons for a second, whispering their precious “thank you”s and “I love you”s to their proud parents; Moments in a wedding when the bridesmaid or best man would highlight the things they love about the brid e and groom, raising their glasses to them in cheerful celebration; Moments in a wedding when the intimacy, sweetness, and love are felt in full. And that is exactly what I love about being a part of AXIOO. To me, AXIOO feels like one big family. Being at AXIOO isn’t just about the work that I do, but it’s also about the countless behind-the-scenes moments shared with the people and clients I get to collaborate with, it’s about connecting and creating precious memories with the faces that I see everyday in the headquarters.


I would describe my photography style as light and airy, simple yet elegant. If it were a music genre, I guess it would be easy-listening. I wish to create masterpieces that are timeless and peaceful to look at, so that any time a couple looks back at pictures of their big day, they would also recall the feeling that is to be in that exact, photographed moment. 


You see – it’s amazing how I get to capture many of these beautiful moments, but to the couples themselves, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Which is why I hold on to the belief that, in everything you do, pour your whole heart into it, as if you are doing it for someone you love. If you decide to make a moment meaningful and special, others around you will feel it too.





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