Photography : Portraiture
Duvaderm portraiture by Fen
Dec 2022


Perhaps the most important ingredient in the recipe for success, they say that every great business is built on friendship. In our own local business scenes, we’ve seen so many wonderful collaborations that all started on one small dream but a huge spirit of camaraderie. The story of Duvaderm is no exception.


Beginning with 3 friends in action, each of them came from different backgrounds yet soon would immerse into an unexpected world of beauty. Their mission is simple, delivering a holistic skincare line that is honest, effective and uncomplicated. It’s gonna utilize bio-technology while sourcing only carefully-selected natural ingredients in the craft of prescription-free but medical-level performance of skincare. 


Philosophy-wise, Duvaderm is about a chemist-approved and research-based scientific project with no rooms for errors – only precision and control. We’re talking years of research, endless sustainable raw materials and scientific or other expertise of these founders. 


But at the very core, it’s a story of friendship that grew stronger through shared failures and mutual success. It’s a coming-together of repeated late night discussions, heart-to-heart sessions and undoubtedly immeasurable blood sweat and tears. It’s this commitment that brings Duvaderm, not only fruition but also full blossom. 


As Duvaderm has arrived, so have these womenpreneurs. Captured through our lens, we saw pure chemistry in science and friendship that blended well together. Indeed, the most important ingredient in the recipe of success is friendship, but not just any kind of friendship. It has to be one that’s been proven through hardships and peaks – just like these women did. 


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