Photography : Tying The Knot
One decade down, forever to go
Tamara Dai Wedding Anniversary by Adi
Oct 2022


I think we can all agree, the definition of having it all means differently from one person to another. For some, success can be defined as having excess, access, power, or fame. For some, richness does not matter in numbers but rather in other priceless values.


Whatever the idea of having it all may be, the pursuit of having it all or the road to happiness can be such a tiresome one. In these days of age where everything is either instant or recycled, it’s easy to feel jaded or get lost in truly understanding the meaning of it.


Yet sometimes, in the dullness and numbness of our constant chase, it takes just one look to see who still sticks around to remind you of what “having it all” truly is. It’s the idea that beyond all the noises and distractions, sometimes the simplest things are the ones that only matter.


That’s why it’s such a powerful reminder as we witnessed the precious moments of Tamara Dai and hubby’s 10th wedding anniversary from behind our Axioo lens. With each moment eternalized, it’s a testament that success is being enveloped in the embrace of your own people – in this case, her little family of three along with their beautiful son.


Tamara Dai taught us that happiness or having it all is not about displaying it in your news or social media feed. But rather it’s the knowledge that behind it, you have a strong support system for life. It’s not always about the glam or fame, but the gratitude of having each other’s company and the assurance of togetherness down the road.


So we’re raising a toast to Tamara Dai and Mr. C, for including us in their intimate celebration of a 10-year strong anniversary. Here’s to decades more of love-filled milestones and finding our own forever person. May we all, like her, have it all.



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