Photography : Portraiture
Oct 2022


What do you get when you cross the family genre of photography with the editorial fashion world? The answer is, something magical of course ?


In one of Axioo’s latest adventures, we teamed up with the magnificent designer & fashion director, Caren Delano, in her newest project entitled “ The Story of Abracadabra”. This is a collection of grand-fashion artistic work in digital styling with over 188 profiles – ranging from celebrities, singers, influencers, fashionistas, athletes and the list goes on!


Needless to say, one can expect a show stopping and mind blowing fashion mega vaganza with multiple brilliant twists ala Delano. In the making of Abracadabra, Caren Delano also has invited another high-caliber designer, Wiki Wu, to create 3 multifunctional fashion pieces – aptly named Magician Cape and Magic Carpet. 


For Axioo, it’s beyond an honor and privilege to be the selected photography services to eternalize this wonderful journey in the history of fashion. While coming from our signature family style photography, our photographers are more than ready to bring their A game, including artistic perspectives and unique styles – both collectively and individually. 


Our ensemble consists of Will Xu representing Axioo Baby, best known for their dreamy and authentic photo styles. With specific lighting expertise, these guys are looking to capture all the editorial drama between the play of shadows and angles. We’ll also look forward to adding a flair of personal stories by focusing on the soft and delicate features of each model.


Meanwhile, Fen, Joe, Tonny and Kris are going to embrace the all-pink mood of Abracadabra by giving a touch of classy all around. While best known for our black & white photography style, each of our team players are certain to accentuate the aspects of love & romance behind the intense vibrancy to elevate the shots further. The expected result is beyond high-end, but vividly personal and rich with stories. 


Will capturing 188 models in this mega project pose a challenge for Axioo photographers you asked? Yes, 100%.


But just like in all magic shows, we have more than a few tricks up our sleeves. That includes an inquisitive mind, imaginative spirit and relentless passion in capturing all the hidden mystery and beautiful allure. 


Our hope is that you will enjoy Abracadabra with us along the way. So, hold on to your seat and keep your eyes open. At a poof – we’re gonna put our wizard hats on and take you on a magic special ride. 



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