Videography : Tying The Knot
Handcrafted Fairytale
Donggun & Jessica by Robb
Oct 2022

This is going to sound like an unusual prologue of mine, but I promise you, this is still a wedding blog.


Some of the most flavorful and wholesome dishes in the world are made in a slow process. They have to be hand picked, marinated for hours and even days before eventually being processed into a cooked one, and plated beautifully with selected utensils. Results? Mindblown.


This time, our chef couple Donggun and Jessica showed us how slow-cooking, handcrafted details, and attention to a handful of creativity juice can work wonders. As both really understand how good things sometimes take time, they did not want a same-day-edit video which we usually provided for a wedding day. Instead, they let us explore our creativity and take our time crafting their video.


Donggun and Jessica put so much trust in us as a creator and believed that Axioo could create a soulful visual story, not just a mere documentation reel. I was also deeply impressed by how thoughtful and passionate these two were in everything they did. Starting from the dishes they cook, to their own intimate relationship.


I am delighted to be able to participate in this slow-cooked, hands-on, and well-done project. Thanks for the trust and joyful ride, Donggun and Jessica. Cheers for more to come!



Love, Robb.