Hadi is someone you’d call an extroverted introvert. He comes off shy at first, but will soon show a fun and easygoing side of him.


As a creative junkie, Hadi spends a lot of time honing his skills through different kinds of life-meets-fiction inspirations. He loves seeing his subjects through rose-tinted glasses, giving a touch of dreamy and fairy tale vibe to his final work. He craves that timeless and unforgettable results, something that sets each couple apart from the others. 


Perhaps it’s the romantic in him or maybe it’s a calling, but Hadi stays dedicated to delivering visual artistry that’s not only unique, personal but also endearing. Like your favorite movie being played for the very first time, watch as he captures your moments that feel like surreal daydreams – so rich and vivid you’re reliving the scenes like fresh memories ; Like your very own kaleidoscope of love.


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