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The Power of a Story
Prewedding & Wedding Videos by Wilson
Apr 2021

Do you believe that our stories are connected? If you pause and take a look, our stories are like one big tapestry – Every thread carefully woven, intersecting in places we don’t even expect, in order to create one huge hand-woven work of art. If you don’t believe this… then you probably won’t make a very good storyteller, because this is exactly what storytellers do. When the natural eyes can only see pieces of threads, a storyteller would show you the right angles or where to look, so that you can see the beautiful tapestry that’s already there, but you just couldn’t see yet.


Meet Wilson. Wilson is our newest Video Director. He calls himself a Wedding Enthusiast, but more than that, he’s also a Story Enthusiast.


If I were to ask you, “What inspires you to create?”, your answer would probably fall somewhere in the category of things that are ‘visual’. Like a good scenery, colors, moodboards, movies… things that are tangible, things that your eyes can see.


But for Wilson, a visual storyteller, he is inspired by something that’s somewhat more intangible – the idea of the couple themselves. Wilson is inspired by the journey of how they met, by how the couple started to have feelings for each other, by the couple’s answer to the question: “who confessed their feelings first? 


He is inspired by the ups and downs of their stories that led them to the decision that they want to spend the rest of their lives with one another. He looks at the way they talk to each other, how they act around one another, how they feel about each other. 


For Wilson, stories like these are what keeps him going as a creative director. The precious moments that the couple share are his fuel to create, to capture and stitch together those moments that are worth remembering for better and for worse, until they’re grey and old.


His detailed eyes are a gift to us all. He loves noticing the little things, and it shows in his works. He is drawn by closeness, and that’s what makes his art feel very intimate and personal. He believes that every love story is different, and that every unique story deserves a personalized creation.


So, if one day you happen to cross paths with Wilson, be assured that he is more than capable of finding the beautiful meaning behind every love story, even if you feel like yours isn’t as “wow” as others’. He can help you find an angle that can make you mesmerised by the beauty of your own story… because that’s the power of good storytelling.





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