Videography : She Said Yes
Videography : Tying The Knot
Introducing Steven Gun
Prewedding & Wedding Video by AXIOO
Jan 2023

As an empath, Steven is his own kind of people magnet. There’s a quiet yet humble vibe about him, and soon you’ll find yourself in good company, like meeting an old friend that you can trust and open up to. 


Steven believes that every couple has their own unique story to tell. He makes it his mission to capture every detail, every layer of that story – unapologetically. “ It’s my personal goal to create enjoyable art with genuine emotion”, he said with passion.


He considers his work a success when his subjects fully express themselves, as if there’s not a single camera on them. “More than just capturing moments, a videographer has a role in evoking the laughter, the tears, and everything in between”, he explains further. 


It’s those pure unfiltered emotions that fuels Steven with the utmost joy. Being in the wedding industry for a while now, he keeps hunting for raw and authentic human connections. His lens searches for the intense and unedited feelings. 


Needless to say, his portfolio is all about real and true moments. It’s a collection of soulful expressions, love in the air, and heartfelt emotions. Catch a glimpse of his work here and let him tell your story through fresh perspectives – something familiar, yet still takes you by surprise. 

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