Axioo People Portraits by AXIOO
Apr 2017

I roamed the city of Paris on my own last week. I had a few days to myself before I had to meet clients for a pre-wedding session. It wasn’t the first time and it definitely wouldn’t be the last. I had been to the romantic capital of the world countless times in the last fifteen years, since I made wedding photography my day job and especially since Paris gained popularity as pre-wedding destination. Often I am accompanied by the my wife who loves Paris just as much as I do or by other photographers on the team, but it’s not seldom that I’m there on my own. 

Being in Paris, on a job, on my own gave me a lot of time to reflect on AXIOO and the joy it has brought me in the past fifteen years. This was the dream. This is now the life. And I couldn’t help but be filled with overwhelming gratitude, because we have come so far from that one desk at the corner of our tiny apartment. 

When I think about how we got here, I can never escape from each and every faces that have made AXIOO what it is. The people. The AXIOOers. The creative, loud and crazy bunch that Fen and I are blessed to call family. Each and everyone of them worked hard to support my dreams. More than that, they have made it their own. The dreams I had didn’t need me to nurture because they have taken it into their own hands and grew it. The AXIOO I had in mind fifteen years ago wouldn’t have turned the way it is if not for the people who have made the dream their own. 

I am constantly amazed by each and every one of them. I salute the photographers and videographers with the crazy schedules and the back-to-back jobs for I know that there are many periods in a year when they are forced to live out of their suitcases, yet still, they manage not only carry out their assignments but also to do it really well. I am in awe of the pool of talents we have on our creative team – the stylists, the editors, the designers, the product designers, the promotions and events team – who think outside of the box and in technicolor every single day of their lives. You know that quote, Eat glitter and sparkle ? Yeah, whoever came up with that line must have been thinking of these people! 

I believe that it is out of these brilliant minds that AXIOO continuously creates beautiful masterpieces. And that it is because of these people that AXIOO has moved from simply being beyond words to being able to capture love and life before being able to grow old with you as we do now with BabyAXIOO, AXIOO Family, AXIOO Portraitures and even AXIOO Pets. I know that it’s because of these people that AXIOO now holds so much meaning, not just for me and my family, but for everyone on this journey with us.

As I spent some time in Paris thinking and reminiscing, a photo shoot was held in honor of #AXIOOHeroes. This is everyone who made AXIOO the way it is today. This is my team. This is my people. This is my family. I just want to take a few moments to say just how grateful I am for each and everyone of them. I love you guys beyond words!