AXIOO Christmas Party 2016
Jan 2017

As I took out my book to scribble down the notes I had in preparation for this post and as I began to jot down the things that I wanted to say with regards to our #axioochristmas2016 (which was extremely epic, I must say), it dawned on me that I have actually lost count on how many posts I have written on the subject of our annual year-end parties. Although I can say for sure that each one have been memorable in their own special way and I have looked forward to every one of them with great excitement, I cannot remember exactly just how many parties we have hosted.

That realization has left me overwhelmed with gratitude. I am just so thankful that our humble beginning has lasted thus far, has grown thus large, and has been rewarding beyond our wildest imagination. I can say for sure that I did not see all this coming when I decided to turn my hobby into a living more than a decade ago and I am grateful for the One who allowed this to happen. 

I had wanted to give myself a chance to be a little retrospective this time, to compile a list of the things that I have done or had gone through, to highlight the things that have worked or did not work and to learn from them. However, upon being overwhelmed with gratitude, everything evaporated. It was never about me. It was never about the things that I did. It has about Him. And it was about the team that He had given me the privilege to work with day in and day out.

So, I want to dedicate this post to my AXIOO family; to the people who have entered my life professionally and have touched it personally; to the creative geniuses who could do so much more on their own but voluntarily chose to be a part of this team. Thank you for a wonderful year. Thank you for tearing down walls, for being courageous, for facing challenges with huge grin and war paints on your faces, for achieving new heights with your creativity, for never being too tired to give your best even on back to back jobs and endless travels, for always saying Yes! to trying out and learning new things, for making me laugh till my insides hurt, and most of all, thank you for always, always, always having my back and for being a part of this family. I am humbled and thankful and blessed and exceptionally honored to walk this journey with each and every one of you. 

I also want to thank you for being here and for #axioochristmas2016. Thanks to all the iconic personalities who made it to the party and filled our cozy studio with lots of laughter, especially to #axioobigbang who went out of their way to grace us with their presence (and snagged the best dressed award!). We were greatly entertained. Among all the gifts that we shared that night, your friendship is truly the best I have received. Thank you, once again, for a wonderful year. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 




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