Photography : Portraiture
Debbie & Jessica Portraiture
by William Xu
Jan 2023


A life without music is certainly a quiet and lonely one. For many of us, not a day goes by without the colors of tunes, the humming of our favorite songs, or the lyrics that boost your mood. 


But for some people, music is not just a companion in the background or interesting addition to life. So strong is the power of music that it becomes a passion, a drive and a pursuit to happiness in life for some. 


When you’re on a path to pursue a career in the music industry, you know it’s not an easy one. It requires a tremendous amount of dedication, discipline and hard work. But for those who are drawn to the beautiful, ethereal sound of the music, the rewards of a career in this field are immeasurable. 


For Debbie and Jessica, they choose harps but this string instrument also chooses them. Their journey to becoming a professional musician at such a young age is one that’s filled with hours of practice, challenges and doubts. Each step opens up deeper love, honed skills and more opportunities that lie ahead of them. 


As they blossom into individuals with all their musical potentials, it’s only fitting to capture their best moments with their trusted harps by their side. Under the shower of magical hues and colorful gardens, we hope to show these two lovely ladies as the most confident and celebrated musicians.


Like best friends in life and partners in crime, life is a beautiful lullaby. No matter what comes their way, it’s a reminder to keep on playing and embracing the never-ending.


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