Videography : She Said Yes
The Odyssey
Michael & Cindy Kiman Prewedding by Dimar
Aug 2023

Throughout human history, the spirit of exploration has driven us to venture beyond the horizons, conquer the seas, and soar into outer space. However, perhaps the most profound exploration of all is the quest to find a soulmate. 


Finding a soulmate marks the beginning of an expedition. Like a lighthouse guiding ships through the waters, love illuminates the darkest nights, revealing a path through life’s uncertain seas. Then, when two hearts finally unite, storms may brew and turbulent waters may test them. Yet, like a steadfast anchor, trust & understanding keep them grounded.


Love has no end. Every dawn is a new chapter to be written together, every step is a new discovery. It is not the endpoint that defines the adventure, but the shared experiences, the laughter, the tears, and the support that enrich souls. 


So, dear travelers of the heart, as you embark on your odyssey, may love be your guide.
Bon Voyage!




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