Videography : She Said Yes
Connections Beyond Coincidence
Nov 2023

It’s wild to think about the universe and how it might just be playing matchmaker for us, right? I mean, do you ever get that feeling like things are just meant to happen, like it’s all part of some grand plan? Maybe there’s something more going on, something beyond just chance.


Sometimes I wonder if the universe is like that friend who’s always nudging people together at a party, but on a cosmic scale. It’s crazy when you consider those moments that seem too weird to be just random. It’s almost like the universe is signaling, “Hey, you two belong together!” Like when you’re thinking of a friend out of the blue, and bam, they call you right then. Or how paths cross in the most unexpected ways, leading to relationships or opportunities that change everything. Maybe it’s fate, maybe it’s the universe conspiring to align certain souls. 


Whether it’s love, friendship, or even a mentorship, there’s a certain unexplainable magic in these occurrences that makes you believe that the universe indeed plays a role in intertwining the lives of those meant to be together.


Wilson Tsu

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