Photography : Portraiture
Colorie De Monde
Bennih Portraiture by Fen
Oct 2022

Brainstorming and shooting for Bennih campaigns is one of memorable experiences for me. Bennih makes timeless resort wear that lasts a lifetime. This season, Bennih collections are inspired by autumn colors. For a creative-minded women, who love to express herself. Hoping that they have sense of adventure about what they wear and where they go.


We came up with the concept :

Colorie De Monde, which means color my world.

Thus, the set up : the Artist at work for the catalogs.

We have name each design by names of well known artists around Europe.


Here is the message, Bennih wants to convey :

Embrace slow living and cultivate you own intellectual wealth.


An adventure that’s available to us every day. Dive into any interest or curiosity you may have, no matter how challenging it may seem. Like learning how to paint, visiting art gallery, making simple daily things we do, extraordinary.


Do things because learning can be a pleasure, not because you’re trying to prove something.


Life don’t judge us by the car we drive, but judge us by the book you read. Being well read and cultured is an extremely important part of a slow living lifestyle.


Don’t just do, but be. We are human beings, not human doing. No matter what you do or do not accomplish today, remember, you are enough.


Don’t limit yourself. You may be surprised to find what ends up interesting you or what you learn.


Be happy it is the new rich.


Be in peace, it is the new success.


Be healthy, new wealth.


Be kind, it is the new cool.








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