Videography : She Said Yes
Endlessly in Love
Victor & Gracia Prewedding Film by Robb
Jun 2022

Oftentimes, fairytales begin with ‘once upon a time’ and are wrapped by ‘happily ever after’. Nobody mentions flirty banters, witty smiles between kisses, or dancing in the rain–until we meet Victor and Gracia.


That day, I learnt again.


Sometimes celebrating love is not only about the grandeur things in life, like fancy airplane rides or glass of champagne by the city of love. Sometimes, it’s the small things that last longest and count the most. Like butterflies that emitted from hands brushing to one another, back hugs by the beach, dad jokes and awkward spins, and.. so, so much more.


Having someone to share happiness with for eternity is already a blessing. However, to be held so close and tenderly even in the eye of the storm and darkness, is everything one could ask.


I’m no poet and hence the excuse of not finding the adequate words to describe love. But through the lens and the way the couple stare and giggle, I thought it was beyond–love, was beyond words.


As the session came to wrap, a mental note was placed in the back of my mind. Once you found the one, like Victor and Gracia did, do love them–endlessly.



Love, Robb

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