Videography : She Said Yes
To Have and To Hold
Steven & Jessica Prewedding Film by Dimar
Mar 2020

“Le passeggiate mano a mano” is an Italian phrase that means “to walk hand in hand”.


We use this phrase a lot, figuratively, as a way of expressing that two different things are harmonious when put together, that two things function well as one. “Walking hand in hand” is an idiom that we use when describing that two different things are moving forth alongside each other, in pursuit of a common destination.


But “walking hand in hand”, literally, is a gesture of love. It never fails to melt our hearts when we see grandparents holding hands as they walk down the street, thinking that we, too, would one day want to have a love that gets better with age. We often see children holding their parents’ hands simply out of instinct, because their little, delicate fingers can feel the warmth, love, and safety that are found within the palms of those large and caring hands. 


If there is any culture that fully understands and values gestures of love like this, it is the Italians. Even their default way of greeting each other is with hugs and kisses! If the Italians could teach us anything about love, it would be that “le passeggiate mano a mano,” spending time strolling around town together while holding hands, can be an underrated but essential part of a relationship. With every step we take in harmony, and with every second we invest in quality time, our love is deepened and strengthened. 


Let us not forget to walk hand in hand, both figuratively and literally, along the journey of our relationship. Let us learn from the Italians to not underestimate the importance of the simple expressions of love. Like salt, these simple expressions are little, but they prevent the relationship from tasting bland. 


Let our actions and our sacrifice of time do the talking, to show our partners how deeply in love we are with them.