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So, what?
Dec 2018

“We were designed to find our fullest satisfaction not in front of a mirror, but in front of God.”

Sometimes, people get entangled with the hustles and bustles of what the world view of definition of beauty to the point where they become overwhelmed and feel weighed down.

So, what? She doesn’t do any exercise and she doesn’t consider that a personal failing of hers. She doesn’t ask herself whether or not she has it all. She has other stuff to do.

Maybe her house badly needs to be renovated and her face needed to be serum injected. Sometimes she goes online looking for inspirations, but all she finds is evidence that everyone in the world is MORE than her. Thanks to social media (we can see the life of what other people wants us to see): enjoying a cup of coffee in their big houses in beautiful cities, they’re cooking delicious organic meals for their children, and writing timely thank you notes to their friends and mothers for the delightful gift that was sent in the mail and arrived right on time. Yoga, beauty salon, picking up their kids from school, a picnic box to surprise their husband at work. They like the modern proverb 31 lady.

So, what?

If you took the strength of others and compare with your weakness, how do you think you would size up?

Focus on your journey, life is a journey, life is not a competition. Our journey is not about how well other people do, it has everything to do with where you want to go and what do you want to do. Celebrate your strength, love enough.

One morning, she looks in the mirror and she feels good. She is just a person in the world. She’s not indistinct, though. She knows that she’s someone with ideas, with spirit, with heart. She is someone who can make strangers smile and feel really good inside, for no reason at all.

That’s what it looks like to accept what you have. That’s what it looks like to feel grateful for who you are, in all of your messy, fucked-up glory. And that’s what beauty really is.

But, for now let us say to all the ladies out there.. You are beautiful. It is true that beauty is in the hands of the beholder and you are the beholder

This project is a collaboration with Le Jardin Beaute, Melta Tan & Royal Bloom Flowers.


MUA: Le Jardin Beaute |

Hand Bouquet: Royal Bloom |

Dress: Melta Tan |

Hairdo: Mira Mulyati | 

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