Photography : She Said Yes
The Unspoken Love Journey
Patrick & Esika Prewedding by Fen
Feb 2022

Begins the romantic journey in Bintan, Jakarta, and Jogjakarta, twelve looks with different colors, three different cities with different experiences. Patrick and Esika are one of the lovely couples that hold sweet things together. One hope for forever to Esika and Patrick. 


Shooting for them, made me realize that I am happy that I am a romantic. I can feel the butterflies in my stomach, smiling ear to ear, watching them, whispering to each other, as we shoot from a far distance. Esika loves and is natural in front of the camera, and Patrick, he just wants to make her happy. Sweet! 


I guess I am born as a hardcore romantic human, who loves the idea of PDA, public display of affections. PDA meant displaying the love and affection you have for the other person, in public. It may have a different meaning to every person. I honestly think that it shouldn’t matter what people think. Being able to show love is a privilege. It is like saying I do in front of people. Acknowledging the feeling and spreading the love. 


Through thick and thin of life and bittersweet relationships, as I have watched countless couples in Axioo, I learned that love is love. 


Love is as simple as being content to see people we love being happy,


It means I will be here if you need someone to hold and say: “ Everything will Be okay.”


It means that I want to spend hours talking with you at midnight. 


It means that I want to grow old with you and still call you perfect even when your wrinkles start to show.


It means I will use words both kind and loving to you when my patience is being tested.


It means I will work that love into practical things, so nothing can divide you. 


It means I will always treasure your heart and value you.  


It means that I would never ever want to do anything to hurt you.


It means I will learn to trust you with my whole soul. 


It means I will learn that Forgiveness is not counting score but losing count.


It means I will be true to the promise to you and the One who gave you to me. 


It means I will watch you grow to be more than you are now and when the mirror tells us, we are getting older.


I will be here to watch and support you and tell you all that you are to me. 


I love you means that I see my universe pointed in your direction, it means I see a future with you and it means that I want one and only you. 


It means that I recognize how blessed I am to have you. 


And when I say it to you, please remember that when I say ‘I love you, it means that I always will.


This kind of love I wish for you, Patrick and Esika. 




Hugs, Fen

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