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Warmth Under the Drizzling Rain
Dhani & Mewah Wedding by Tonny
Mar 2021

There’s this quote that I absolutely love, and this is what it says: “a healthy marriage is not demanding, it does not point a finger. Rather, a healthy marriage is accepting and is quick to sacrifice. Because true love should be brave enough to be sacrificial, not demanding.” 


Dhani and Mewah’s wedding was a wedding to look forward to, especially because it was my first time shooting a wedding at the famous Amaryllis Boutique and Resort in Bogor.


Their wedding was on the 22nd of January 2021, and we had arrived in Bogor since the 21st. It was a fairly short journey from Jakarta, which only took around 2 hours due to the lack of traffic. Isac was there with me, and during that 2-hour journey, I told Isac of all the fun I had when shooting Dhani and Mewah’s prewedding. Yes, I had the honor of shooting Dhani and Mewah’s prewedding photos, since they loved my specific style of photography. And so, I told Isac that Dhani and Mewah were so pleasant to work with. They were very chill. Dhani loves to talk, and Mewah is always cheerful. Working with them didn’t feel like work at all.


Once we arrived at the hotel, we went straight to the venue to see what it looks like in person. I’ve seen many other wedding photos that were taken here, but only through the screens. This time, I got to see it with my own eyes, and it really did match my expectations. The place was gorgeous, sleek, breezy, and comfy. I went around to see and visualize which angles to capture, and how the photos would turn out the next day. That was when my eyes caught the sight of someone familiar – Johan from Lotus Design – and so I went up to him to talk. Johan ended up taking me to see the venue for the wedding ceremony and tea ceremony. Seriously, I could not put into words how beautiful the decor was!


We finally went back to the hotel to prepare for the next day. At 6am, we went to the bride’s room and saw that Upan had already started putting on Mewah’s makeup. The wedding organizers team was also there, preparing the details for the morning photoshoot. Of course, the party only really started when I walked into the doors of that room, greeting every face I see with my huge, signature smile. Seriously, though… if you need a man to cheer a room up – I’m definitely the person for that. Lol.


And then, came the moment we’d all been waiting for. It was time for Dhani to see Mewah for the first time on their big day. I could see that Dhani couldn’t hide the excitement on his face as he laid eyes on Mewah in that very moment. Mewah was beautifully dressed in a Hian Tjen gown. Dhani and Mewah gazed at each other lovingly… but also shyly, since many eyes were on them in that room.


As they were getting ready, the clouds started to darken, and I could smell the rain coming. Everyone was anxious because the ceremony was supposed to be held in the outdoor section. I saw Mewah’s mother worrying, pacing back and forth while looking up to the sky, praying and hoping so that the rain wouldn’t fall on her daughter’s special day.


As the ceremony went on, we felt a few droplets on our skin… and that was when the drizzling rain started pouring. The team was well-prepared, though. They stood by with umbrellas ready for every guest. But thankfully, it was just a drizzle and it wasn’t pouring rain, so the guests didn’t have to go running to look for shelter. Everyone stayed in their seats, witnessing the beautiful ceremony while holding their umbrellas over their heads. 


What I really like about their photos is how the warmth in the atmosphere was still evident, even under the drizzling rain. The moment when the bridesmaids and groomsmen ran to the side of the bride and groom to offer them their umbrellas, the hopeful look on the guests’ faces as they witnessed two lovers becoming one, all of these moments were pictured in the photos.


And, until later that evening, the drizzling rain came and went. But we’re all still grateful that everything went as planned, and that everyone who came was happy.


I would like to say a huge thank you to Dhani and Mewah, the couple who’ve shown us what love looks like, even in the middle of a rainy day.





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