Photography : She Said Yes
The Story of Us
Charles & Evelyn Prewedding by Will
Mar 2020

Once upon a time, 

Some time ago,

Away back,

Long before…


And what happens next, it’s all up to you. What story do you want to tell? 


Our lives are made up of nothing but a series of choices that we make. From the inconsequential, like choosing what to wear, to the pivotal decisions that may change the whole  course of our lives. While there are numerous other things outside of our control, we are still in the driver’s seat of our responses, which, in itself, are choices to be made.


With every choice that we decide upon, we are writing the story of our lives, paving the way to our desired destination. We hold the pen, and the power lies within our fingertips to draw the kind of story that we are happy to live out. So that, one day, when our children or grandchildren decide to pick up this book from our dusty shelf, we’ll know that we have a story to inspire. 


What kind of love story do you want to tell? Every love story has its unique fingerprint. Some are longer, some are shorter. Some are luckier than others, some might squeeze out more tears and sweat than others. Regardless of these inconsistencies, one thing remains constant, that the choices we make about a relationship determine our outcome or, as we like to say it, our destiny. 


Love is built on these daily decisions. In other words, building a relationship means making wiser choices each and every day. Make better relationship choices by asking yourself what kind of narrative you would like to tell your children or grandchildren someday. So that, one day, you could tell them about the twist and turns and how you finally got through it all. Tell them about the time you stood as the King and Queen, standing hand in hand against the threats and dangers of the world. Tell them about the first time you looked into your true love’s eyes, knowing instantly that all you wanted was to gaze into those beautiful eyes forever. Tell them about the day you made the best decision you could ever make in this life, ever: the day you married the love of your life.





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