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Couples Who Accept Each Other
Luke & Aurelia Wedding by Tonny
Mar 2020

Loving someone unconditionally means loving them no matter what. And the ‘no matter what’ part can be the trickiest. In this life, we are to love other people. But, truth be told, there are people that we just couldn’t connect or resonate with; some people we just couldn’t handle or face. It is as if we don’t have enough energy within us, as if we don’t have enough ‘grace’ for us to endure them.


Perhaps in this life, we were given a specific ‘measure of grace’. Tailored into our hearts is the perfect amount of grace for us to be with the people we’re meant to be with. This is why there are only a select few to whom we can reveal our whole truth or our ugliest parts. A select few that will stick with us as we grow old, no matter what. A select few who match our energy, those who can accept us just as we are.


Couples who accept each other just as they are, are certainly meant for each other, for the reason that not everyone has the capacity, strength, or ‘grace’ to deal with just about everybody. 


You know he or she is the one when acceptance is at the forefront of your relationship. You know that he or she is the one when you have enough grace to go beyond your own limits to love them, unconditionally. 


When acceptance is a priority, respect comes naturally. You understand their need for space, you understand their boundaries and their limits, making you want to learn to love them in ways you never thought you could. With this respect comes the realisation that you don’t need them to change for you. That they might not need you to fix their broken parts. Accepting one another means accepting their progress as humans, too. And when acceptance is a priority, you will learn the art of fully letting go. You relinquish your control over the other person, acknowledging that you might think, act, or feel differently… and that is completely okay. 


Acceptance is not tolerance. Tolerance is allowing something you disagree with to happen, but with a heavy heart. While acceptance means to open the eyes of your heart and extend grace, according to the measure that has been given to you. 


Couples who accept each other know full well that, although there may be differences or conflicts in their relationship, their love for each other is bigger than all that. Couples who accept each other know full well that there is no other love like theirs, because the capacity of their hearts are specifically tailored for each other.





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