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Destination Wedding? Why Not
Journal by AXIOO
Nov 2018

“Wedding Destination”

Destination weddings are one of the most romantic ways to get married to your beloved person. Many girls dream about such a type of wedding, but not every bride makes up her mind to organize a destination wedding, being frightened by all the obstacles that may emerge on her way to the perfect wedding ceremony. Of course, it’s not easy to organize a destination wedding. However, the things are much easier if you are prepared. Today, we’d like to share some tips on how to organize a perfect destination wedding. So, let’s go!


Destination Wedding By the Sea

Place. The location is the first thing you need to decide on as it influences a number of other factors. The choice of the possible places is extremely large. You may have a wedding at a beach, which is located just several hours away from your home. You may go to a beautiful place like an old castle somewhere in Europe. Or, you can have a wedding ceremony somewhere on the exotic islands, surrounded by the incredible tropic background. When you choose the place for your destination wedding, it’s very good if you have an opportunity to visit it. The photos can’t transfer the atmosphere and all the details of the location. And in order to make the right choice, it’s better to see everything with your own eyes.


Wedding on the Beach

Time. Time is also important. As weather conditions may be different, you need to find out what is the best time for getting married in the place you have chosen. For instance, if you want to have a wedding in Thailand, don’t plan your ceremony for summer and fall as it’s the raining season there.

Wedding dress. Clearly, a dress must be suitable for the location and wedding style. For instance, if you are going to travel to Europe to get married at an old castle, a luxurious ball gown will look cool. Or, if you plan to get married on a beach or in an exotic country, you may opt for something simple and even informal wedding dresses may be used.

One more thing you need to consider is how to transport a wedding gown. Simple and casual dresses can often be packed into suitcases. But if you have a “big gown” you will need a special package for it.


Destination Wedding Dress

Budget. Be ready that a destination wedding isn’t affordable. That’s why, you need to set the budget. Depending on the location, you can spend different sums of money to travel to the place you will have a wedding at. Also, costs of wedding outfits, décor, food, entertainers and accommodation must be included in the budget. And don’t forget about some hidden costs.

Guests. Think about how many people you are going to invite to your wedding. As a rule, only close relatives and friends visit such ceremonies as not every person may spend much money on the travel. But no matter how many guests you want to have, you need to notify people about the place and time of the ceremony long before the wedding date.


Wedding in Venice

Local rules. If you are going to get married abroad, you need to check the details of marriage under local law. Each country has different rules. For instance, if you plan a legal ceremony take into account that not all countries allow legal marriages of people, who aren’t residents. So, it’s better to get all the information beforehand.

Transport. Transportation is also a very important thing to consider when planning for a destination wedding. You need to think over in details how you and your guests will get to the location, how they will get from airport to the hotel and, finally, to the place, where the ceremony will take place. It’s better to book all the tickets and cars for rent long before your wedding day.

All in all, a destination wedding is always a risk and many obstacles may emerge on your way. However, if to do everything properly, you will be able to organize a romantic wedding you have always dreamt about. Wherever the wedding location you and your partner will choose, we hope you won’t forget that preparing a wedding is as important as getting yourself equipped for the marriage itself. Good luck!






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