Photography : She Said Yes
The Promise of A Lifetime
David & Jessica Prewedding by David
Mar 2018

David always likes spending his time with this girl, Jessica. He loves how Jessica always means what she says and does. She’s sincere and straightforward.

“In short, she’s unpretentious,” said David.

They’re so in love. It didn’t take a long time for David to realize that Jessica is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. 5 months with her was enough.

On the 6th month, with a ring hidden in his pocket and a question on the tip of his tongue, he took her on a walk down the beach. A long time passed before he realized it’s the wrong beach. That was not his initial plan.

Clueless about his plan, Jessica patiently followed him climbed all the way back.

When they arrived at the right spot, she sat on the corals overlooking the sea, catching her breath. Before she figured out anything, he got down on his knee, opened a black box with a ring inside, and popped a question.

In short, she said, “Yes!”






P.S. “The photo shoot experience with Awie (David Soong) was a truly remarkable. It was a complete package filled with ups and downs. There were surely tons of good laugh, good fun, and good food through our 4days together, but it was thru the mishaps, that we get to learn of Awie’s true quality.

We drove all the way from Swiss to Italy. On our first stop in Italy, Awie lost his backpack and his wife Fen lost her bag as well along with their passports. We felt so bad. But, fortunately their wedding bands were safe.

Despite the misfortune that struck us, Awie marched on with great professionalism, enthusiasm, and energy. A truly respectable character!” – David.


Location: Lake Como, Milan, Verona

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