Photography : She Said Yes
From concept to photoshoot
Pre-wedding of Keat & Molyda by Will
Jan 2018

Hello, guys!

It’s Will here.

Not long ago, I met a really nice couple. The guy, Keat, is based from Cambodia. The girl, Molyda, is originally from Thailand, Cambodia’s next door neighbour, which is filled of tasty foods I can’t get enough of. After 6 months of dating, they got engaged and planned to fly to Bali for their pre-wedding session. I had the honor to be their photographer for one day.

Before they took a 5 hours flight to Bali, a stylist and I prepared a few concepts, complete to the Bali location they (maybe) weren’t familiar with and the outfits they might love. As we’re countries apart, we discussed everything via Skype.  That’s the first time they realized that they had to go an extra mile to find the clothes that are in line with the concepts. I’m not surprised if they feel like these guys are soooo talkative about the outfits. Hahahaha. Well, outfits affect the pictures greatly. And we wanted nothing but the best for Keat and Molyda.

Whatever we suggested, they went for everything with so much effort that I wanted to give them multiple high fives. I feel like they really trust and appreciate me. That means a lot.

In the end, we had fun photo shooting. They flew home happy with the pictures and the memories.

Thank you for trusting me, Keat & Molyda.



Photoshoot location: Bali

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