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How to keep the sparks alive
The Pre-Wedding of Albert & Denisa by David
Dec 2017


Once, I read a survey which concludes: romance lives in the relationships of couples who travel.

That pops up in my head when I got a call from someone in Axioo family. She asks me if I’m available to shoot pre-wedding in Milan, Lake Como, Marrakech, and St. Petersburg for a couple, Albert and Denisa. I laughed, thinking to myself: this couple must’ve really love traveling, exactly like me and my wife Fen. Of course, I said yes.   

Milan is a classic city, one of my favorite cities to shoot. The architectures and the palazzos never cease to amaze me. Lake Como always has its charm. It’s such a beautiful place. I’ve been there several times.

St. Petersburg and Marrakech are new for me (and for Albert and Denisa too. They said they wanted to seize the opportunity to travel to places they’ve never been before.)

I’m happy to have a job that allows me to travel and see the world. Having traveled around for more than 15 years, I thought nothing could surprise me anymore. I was wrong. Marrakech was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Every door opened, every room entered took my breath away.

In St. Petersburg, the weather was crazy. It’s supposed to be spring in May. However, it snowed in the morning. Then, it’s sunny for a while. Then, it snowed again.

Nevertheless, the way the snow touched the beautiful architecture makes the city way more interesting to shoot. All of us were in awe with our surroundings that we almost forgot about the cold.

I’m glad my wife was right by my side, witnessing the beauty of these places with me. While I work, either she assists me or travels around, immersing herself with tons of inspirations for her work.

It feels like we’re not just working and having a holiday. It feels like we’re really living in that city. After we spend some time apart, we talk about our days and learn something new about ourselves.

It’s true, speaking from experience, the couples who travel stays happy. The adventures, the spontaneity, and the newness keep everything interesting.




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