Photography : Portraiture
Like a Symphony
Karen Portraiture by Fen
Jul 2021

“All the world’s a stage,


And all the men and women merely players”


Around four hundred years ago, a famous playwright known by the name of William Shakespeare wrote that beautiful line above. Now, it has been four hundred years since, and we can still see a glimmer of truth in what he wrote.


Our world can sometimes feel like a stage, can’t it? Everyone has a persona that they display, a role to play, hiding their true selves, mistaking deceit for wisdom. We spend so much of our energy on crafting an image, aiming to reach our ideals and our definition of perfection.


But some might believe Shakespeare to be true… in a more positive light. They may say that it is, otherwise, unwise to let the world know who you truly are. To quote everyone’s favorite princess, Elsa: “Don’t let them in, don’t let them see/Be the good girl you always have to be.” According to her, the key to peace in life is to know what to show and what to conceal…


But what if the key to peace or happiness is actually found when you are in harmony with yourself? When there is no show to put on, and no darker side to conceal?


Imagine you’re watching a symphony. Symphonies are so beautiful because all the sounds, melodies, and instruments fit together – they’re all on the same page… or sheet music. They go in perfect harmony with each other, no note being out of place. What if we lived in such a way that our whole being is like a symphony? Without any gaps between our thoughts, words, and deeds; Our attitudes and behaviours in sync with one another. Because peace flows where harmony grows, even if it means having to be in harmony with your own self.


If the world is like a theatre, always aim to close the gap between who you are onstage and who you are offstage. So that when the lights go out and the applause dies down, you won’t have to try to find yourself again, because you have always been you – complete in your mind, words, and deeds.





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