Photography : Tying The Knot
Small But Meaningful
Edric & Zia Wedding by Aha
Jan 2021

Why do we love intimate weddings? 


If these past few seasons have taught us anything, it is to be comfortable with simplicity, to attend to the quiet, to pay more attention to the little things, and… to pay more attention.  


There’s this saying that goes, “the more, the merrier.” But that isn’t always the case, though. Remember when the world was full of noises, busyness, and distractions? In that kind of world, more can be exhausting, it can even feel pretentious, or unnecessary. In a world that’s obsessed with more, our attention becomes divided, and the essence of things gets easily buried.


And so, to find meaning, we dig in deep. We clear out the things that are unnecessary. It’s like erasure poetry – a type of poetry that is made by erasing words from an existing text, like a news article or a novel. In erasure poetry, words are blacked out in order to reveal and frame a new text, a new meaning. Or like wood carving – we chisel out unwanted parts of a block of wood to achieve the shape we desire, creating a brand new sculpture. 


This is why we love intimacy. Intimacy is a “just you and me” kind of thing. Intimacy is about boiling things down to their very essence, stripping away the things that are irrelevant, and shifting our focus to what really matters. Intimacy is about paying attention and paying attention to the right things, not sweating the small stuff. It’s about making the purpose of the relationship clear by bringing it to the forefront. 


And this is why we love intimate weddings. Intimate weddings feel safe, meaningful, and focused. Without all the unnecessary noise and distractions, we find the real purpose of a wedding: the celebration of love.





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