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Dreams, Goals, and Relationships
Renaldi & Peggi Wedding by Will
Jun 2020

Chances are, you’ve been told not to dream too high. To set realistic expectations, to have achievable goals instead. 


We live through our lives accomplishing one goal after another, like slashing our way through this jungle called life. We live through our lives putting our dreams on the back burner, not knowing if we will ever get around to see them come true. Why? Because dreams are abstract and unachievable. Goals are more favorable because they are practical. Dreams are unrealistic or inferior to goals… or are they?


“Every Walt needs a Roy and every Roy needs a Walt.” Walt Disney was a dreamer. Roy Disney, his brother, was the goal-setter. Walt needed Roy to make his dreams come true, and so did Roy need Walt to grow and see beyond his current capabilities. 


It’s not a question of whether we should stop being too visionary and set more practical goals, nor is it about setting less goals and dreaming bigger. 


It’s about the teamwork, the relationships we maintain.


Every dreamer needs a doer and every doer needs a dreamer. What does your relationship or marriage look like? Are you just accomplishing milestones together, or do you team up as dreamers and doers, not only looking at what’s right in front of you but also what your deepest desires are?


This is why we should never stop dreaming, never stop looking inside and search deep into our hearts for that one thing we want most, and never stop looking outside at all the possibilities we see. Without dreamers, doers won’t live up to their potential. And, without doers, dreamers would never see their dream come true. 


So, dream big, set goals, and team up. Dreams are never meant to go against goals. They aren’t polar opposites – they’re relational.




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