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The Future Belongs To Those Who Dream
Caroline Portraits by Fen
Sep 2019

Everybody dreams. Adults, teens, elders, and even babies, they have all experienced what it’s like to dream in their sleep. Have you ever wondered how and why we have dreams?

While our bodies lay asleep, several parts of our minds stay awake. Dreams are often illogical, unreasonable, and without judgement. This is because our frontal cortex shuts down when we sleep, all the while our visual cortex stays on, allowing us to ‘see’ in our dreams. Dreams help us process things we learn when we are awake, and they help us process our emotions. Dreams develop our creativity, and they prepare us for reality.

But, what about the dreams we consciously have when our eyes are wide open — dreams that we’ve had ever since we were young that keep coming back to us even though we’ve tried to shove them away? Big dreams that intimidate us, that seem so impossible because of their size? Or because of the lack of income we assume they’ll provide us with? Dreams that are beyond comprehension, that we keep hidden in our hearts because they make us look silly in front of other people?

Why must we have these kinds of dreams, too?

When we dream, we open up our imagination, we envision multiple possibilities for our future. We have the permission to be as boundless, creative, and free as we want to be in our imagination. So, dreams can give us hope, not just for any future, but for a better future.

Dreams give us a place to start. Dreams bring us to a place of second chances, a place to begin again. When we dream, we actually begin our planning and preparation for what is ahead of us.

If we dare to take the bold step toward our dreams, we step out of the area of impossibility, and step into an array of possibilities. Otherwise, what is there to achieve if we don’t decide to move our feet? The essence of having these kinds of dreams is to take the steps needed in order to have those dreams turned into reality. Otherwise, why would we even dream?

So, rise up, dreamers. We dream because our world needs us to dream, to envision a better future, to take action now and make the world a better place for the generations to come.




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