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The World In Between
Derian & Belinda Wedding by Aha
Apr 2019

In that world, the grounds on which you stand will ask of you this: to let some things go. Some boundaries, some rules, some measure of freedom. But the grounds on which you stand will also invite you to reach all that you have been dreaming of since you were little: a new kind of freedom.

Venturing into a new world is never not terrifying. The feeling of it resembles the anxious excitement you have when travelling to new places. Stepping into a new life means letting go of the security you once had, the independence you once possessed. But stepping into this new life and new freedom means stepping into a new definition of love.

You step into the kind of love that makes sure your coffee is still hot by the time you wake up in the morning. The kind of love that lets you play video games until late at night because they know it refreshes your soul. The kind of love that holds your hair for you when you throw up thanks to morning sickness. The kind of love that never forgets to remind you what food you can and cannot eat based on the type of diet you’re on.

Love steps into your day-to-day life, and nothing is more beautiful than that.

Yet, before all that, we all have to go through some tough terrain. And when that happens, we’ll know that we are in the World In Between, and we can perhaps expect to stay there for a while.

Where we let go of things, in order for us to fully submerge into a new experience.

Where love makes its transition from grand gestures into the mundane, everyday lives.

Where the future might seem a little blurry, because even the ground below you is rocky.

Transitions, though, are simply that: transitions. Let us not hold on to it or stress about it like it is forever. But, let us embrace and navigate this season of novelty well.




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