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The Castles We’ve Built
Ryan & Dewi Wedding by Will
Apr 2019

We know what it’s like to live in castles inside of our heads. The people you see on the streets walking past you, they may have castles of their own, too. We spend a lot of time living in there, and who we are when we’re alone is often a reflection of what is going on inside. Other people think we’re restricting ourselves by building castles, or that we’re “living too small”, but we think that it’s comforting to have something that’s just us, to have a space that only we and our Maker deeply know. It’s how we process and survive in this vast world: we live in our castles and build windows, so that we can see far out the fields but still be content with ourselves, with what has been given to us.

See, castles aren’t bad at all. But there comes a day when we must swing open the doors and let some people in, into a deeper degree of intimacy with us. Along with that comes great pain, letting people see what is inside of us for the first time, even if we only let those we really really trust in. What most people like us don’t realize is that our castles inside aren’t as messy as they are in our heads. They, instead, can be a warm, comforting sanctuary for those we have allowed to enter in.

Perhaps, the world is too big for us to share everything openly with everyone we come across. Perhaps, some things are to be kept in our hearts, deep inside our castles and shared only with those we know we truly love and trust. Otherwise, how would we know what or who is dear and special to us?

This is why intimate weddings are so beautiful. They invite us to step into deeper grounds with the bride and the groom. Intimate weddings make us feel as if we now share a deeper emotional connection with the couple, sharing moments that are dear and special to them. The sweet moment when the bride and groom and their now joint families walk down the aisle. The sacred moment at the altar, witnessing them as they become one in soul and spirit. The touching moment as they express their thanks to their families and as we join them in their tears. There are plenty of conversations and laughters to be shared in these small weddings, it is hard for us to miss a thing.

We know what or who is special, and is of high value to us, when we trust them enough to invite them into our beautifully built castles. We know that if someone thinks we are special, they will love us uniquely: they do things for us that they normally wouldn’t to just anyone else. So, let us not take intimacy for granted, and find the beauty in holding close to our hearts the things that are most dear to us.




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